Natacha Ivaldi






Collection Gold impression

Information circulation, networks and screens are taking a huge part in people’s life. As a member of the generation which has grown in tandem with the development of the internet, I decided to bear witness and question myself through this series about the world’s changes and evolution in the technological aspects. I find inspiration in the world around me, particularly from my travels and from my own environment. Influenced by my father who was a computer science researcher and created his own circuit boards, I have always been intrigued of how such tiny components link together to do things so complex.


Collection Earth’s Memory

Earth’s memory is a series of painting about our planet. I wanted to show the beauty of planet earth and also the current situation of our planet.
I represent different countries in this collection like Indonesia, Brazil, Groenland, France, Japan… to show injuries sustained by the earth and more particularly by animals.
Some animals are hidden in the painting’s backgrounds and are participating to the poetry of the story.

When I paint these lines it’s a concentration’s work and I feel relax and good. It is a pleasure and not a work to do what you love.

Paintings is the way I choose to express my values, principles and ideals. It’s the expression of the soul and the reflect of what the creator is.

When you start creating a new painting, you notice that you can not lie in front of your canvas. 

Printed circuits are the heart of the machines, that’s why I like to do this parallel with the human body. Everyone is almost paying attention to screens, I hope that nature will always have its place