C o n t a c t
B i o g r a p h y

This series of paintings about printed circuit boards is the outcome of my reflexions about the world and our technology influenced era. I began working on this series three years ago when I felt the need to express myself through this theme.

Information circulation, networks and screens are taking a huge part in people's life. As a member of the generation which has grown in tandem with the development of the internet, I decided to bear witness and question myself through this series about the world's changes and evolution in the technological aspects. I find inspiration in the world around me, particularly from my travels and from my own environment. Influenced by my father who was a computer science researcher and created his own circuit boards, I have always been intrigued of how such tiny components link together to do things so complex.

I wished to give a human work to this project thus I'm working free-hand brush like in the art of calligraphy. I wanted to keep the manual way of painting precisely because of the visual contradiction : All these straight lines are technological connections which combine to a certain poetry of realisation. It reveals an intention of contrast between practices of the past and actual or futuristic methods of creation. I thought it is interesting to realize printed circuits by brush instead of working with software and print it on a large scale.

The rendering is in the image of man, it isn't perfect it gives another dimension to these now humanized and unique circuits. Each painting entails its own story but the most important aspect is the viewer's feeling and the story he can imagine when stimulated by all these connections representing different paths.

I wanted my paintings to have an impact on the spectator because it's a representation of machine's brain. It's the organ which became for a lot of us an extension of our being (smartphone). Painters have always represented nature. Given the scale and importance of technology today, I felt the need to divulge this adopted phenomenon. I think this is a very inspiring subject, principally as it is broad and provokes imagination and creation about the evolution of the world. It also allows the public to think about the relation we hold with nature and the one we developed with technology.

I've been particularly inspired by a trip to Japan in 2014 where I've witnessed a strong contrast between nature and technology. From the top of the Tokyo Skytree I realized through the urban plan and the flow of people in the city that all the world and human being are united. We are all one on this planet : man, nature and the advances in science.The Earth itself is linked to other planets and the universe. So it appears to me as evidence, that everything is inextricably linked ; from the infinitely small to the infinitely great.

The circuit boards I paint are not copies. For some paintings of my the first serie I've taken muse in real circuit boards, giving them a new life in a sense, continually through a process of imagination and research of harmony I try to elaborate in my work. Equilibrium and disequilibrium within the paintings enables the circuit boards to become alive and communicate emotions. Through these forms and connections, different subjects are evocated like nature, cosmos, human being and feelings. That is what I hope people who discover my paintings imagine and feel.

Natacha Ivaldi